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Made to fit

image Enerspace Modular Group crew and subs working in Texas.

HOUSTON - They are all over job sites. No, we are not referring to hard hats, trucks or people. We are referring to mobile offices and prefabricated buildings. Those take construction too, before they make it onto a job site, especially if they are built to accommodate a particular area.





    Director of Business Development Matt Kramer and his wife are the founders of Enerspace Modular Group, an industrial housing builder. They are licensed in the State of Texas, located in Houston and established in late 2011.
    Enerspace leases and sells mobile modular offices/classroom buildings, as well as providing repairs and service to third parties.
    Their services are performed throughout the entire State of Texas and some surrounding states.
    “We primarily focus on commercial. That is something we’ve focused on since we founded the company about seven years ago,” said Kramer.
    Kramer has been in the industry since 1999. His wife holds a background in marketing and management. They both dived into the industry together and decided to launch out and prove themselves in the market.
    Today Enerspace employs three others and subcontract other work, Kramer said.
    One particular commercial project Enerspace has conducted is with a national propane service company.
    “We came across them about two and a half years ago. They were looking to put a small building at their facility in Texas,” Kramer said.
    They learned the company had a branch location in Baytown. So, they asked Enerspace if they could do something similar in terms of modifying and repairing their logistic facility.
    “We went over the course of going through different proposals and then over the course of that time, there were various storms in the Houston area. I think after flooding, three or four times in their excising facility they made the decision to vacate that location and purchase a location near by. With the flooding that they had experienced they wanted to see other structures to avoid that issue going forward.”
    The propane service company came to a decision. Enerspace was going to build a modular mobile office that would be elevated about 3ft above the ground.
    “We undertook the site utilities including the electrical and waste and plumbing supply of development,” Kramer explained. He also said they undertook the grading and concrete work. In addition, they requested a small warehouse on site, so Enerspace took that on as well.
    “We really kind of put our arms around the entire property and helped them develop it in addition to providing a modular office structure.”
    As we first stated, mobile modular prefabricated office trailers and buildings are all over job sites. Concurrency that can occur on a project is to be avoided by the benefits of these prefabricated or modular construction trailers.
    “Basically, what that does is allow you to control the environment for which the structures are being built offsite,” Kramer explained.
    In the end Enerspace was able to decrease their cycle time by having the structures fabricated the same time they were developing the property. “So we get a little bit less exposed to weather because of our accelerated time line going,” he said.
    The Enerspace Modular Group experts have portrayed themselves to be highly knowledgeable in the aspects of the modular building industry.
    With the ongoing projects Kramer sees the future for Enerspace bringing in new faces. “We are in the process of bringing on board a couple of additional folks to improve our operating process and procedures in terms to procurement,” he stated.
    Kramer explained that as they are able to engage in more projects they could have the ability to “move a little bit quicker without sacrificing safety or quality.”
    Enerspace Modular Group is a industrial housing builder contractor located in Houston, TX. –lv

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