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Glazing goals

image L-R: Jorge Lopez, Edgar Lopez, Mitch Gilbert and Polo Medrano

HOUSTON - The name is American Glazing Services. The concept of glazing can be overlooked, but it shouldn’t. It wasn’t for Edgar Lopez who owns American Glazing Services.






    Lopez said the interest for the glazing industry started with his brother who owned his own glass company. Lopez shared that working for his brother used to be his summer, spring break and Thanksgiving job. His interest continued and he was in the industry full time after high school.
    Now as an owner of his own company, Lopez has led the company into a commercial and residential glass company. “We cover everything and anything that has to do with glass,” he said. 
    He considers them to be an up and coming company having been established in the 2014.
Nonetheless, the company portfolio is impressive. 
    Lopez mentions a few recent commercial projects, such as Second Baptist Church on Woodway and Voss.
    “Our main goal is to satisfy our customer. We go above and beyond. Sometimes it’s not all about the money, but about having your customer be happy with the job that you’ve done,” shared Lopez.
    The team that stands by Lopez and the company is made of one female running the office and four employees.
    Lopez has been in the industry for 15 years now. “It’s something I enjoy doing and I see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”
    Over the years Lopez has learned from the industry that once you get into something and you find yourself enjoying it, “the possibilities are endless in learning.”
    It’s also taught him how to deal with people. Like he said, “You see things that other people wouldn’t see, wouldn’t have interest in, but since you are in it, everything you see you learn.”
    The glazing industry may have started way before, but American Glazing Services are here now, ready to treat their clients with the best service possible.
    American Glazing Services are a commercial and residential glass and mirror contractor located in Houston, TX. –lv

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