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Gypsum in his blood

image Juan Casanova, owner of Casanova Drywall Finishing.

HOUSTON - The only time Juan Casanova hasn’t done drywall was when he was stationed on an aircraft carrier while in the Marine Corps and he was a personnelist behind a computer all day.






    Other than that, he’s been doing drywall his whole life. He started as a youth with his father, helping him in his drywall business in the Rio Grande Valley on weekends and during the summers.
    Even when Casanova was in the Corps for 10 years and not on a carrier, he did drywall on the side.
    After the Marines, Casanova and wife Frances and kids moved to California, where the housing market was booming.
    In 2009, the family moved back to Texas, settling in Houston at the invite of a cousin.  Even though Casanova worked for a school district in the HR department, then maintenance dispatch, he still worked as a drywaller in his spare time.
    Fast-forward to 2017, when a little rain shower visited the Houston area.
    “When Hurricane Harvey hit, my phone was ringing off the hook,” Casanova said. “I always wanted to start my own company and this seemed like the perfect time. That’s when I took the leap of faith and started doing drywall full time.”
    Thus, Casanova Drywall began in September 2017. No more part-time work for the former Marine.
    Casanova will sub-contract out for help as needed. His goal is to grow and increase his commercial business and hire more people.  Casanova’s specialty is finishing work and painting.
    The dream of having his own company is a decades-long dream of Casanova’s. His dad still has his drywall business back in the Rio Grande Valley, where Casanova started by helping out.
    Even though Casanova said he wished he had started “when I was a lot younger,” it’s never too late to realize one’s dream, especially if it’s in your blood.
    Casanova Drywall is a residential and commercial drywall company, servicing the Houston area. -dsz

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