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Paving the way

image L-R: Grandpa Tracy Garret, Dad Scott Garrett, Son Hayden Garrett, Cousin Steven of Hayden Paving

HOUSTON - Hayden Paving is not only a top-notch asphalt and paving company, it is a surviving company, having beaten the odds when it comes to even existing.







    Grandpa Garrett had an industrial cleaning business back in the day. A customer asked him to resurface his parking lot as well. From that modest beginning, Grandpa starting doing asphalt and paving.
    Dad Scott Garrett joined in and quickly grew the client base with his outstanding customer service and likeable personality.
    But Grandpa’s company ran into financial problems, and he decided to fold up the tent. That became an issue, however, when one dedicated customer wanted Scott to do some more work for him. Scott explained that the end was near for the business and he couldn’t do it.
    The customer persisted and asked Scott what would it take to keep the paving company going so he could get his job done. The answer: If the customer could front the money for Scott to buy Grandpa’s equipment, he would continue the work and do the job the customer wanted.
    The customer did, and Scott did.
    Running his new paving company from his garage, Hayden Paving has grown from a one-man operation to about 65 employees today. Scott is still at the helm as president. Hayden Paving became an “official” company in 1996.
    Enter son Hayden, who worked for Dad Scott throughout high school during the summers, along with his cousin and friends.
    This continued during college. Once he was done at A & M in 2011, Hayden joined the firm full time and started operating the huge milling machine they just bought.
    Hayden is proud of his work at Hayden Paving, starting at the ground level. “I worked in the field probably five years,” he said. In other words, he didn’t walk into his current position of estimator/project manager and operations overseer just because he’s the president’s son. He put in his time during the hot Houston summers working with hot asphalt.
    Hayden Paving has gone as far west as the Texas-New Mexico line and as far east as Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. They’ve also gone as far north to Lubbock.
    Some notable customers of Hayden Paving are Houston’s Hobby Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Eagle Pass Airport, and the Harris County roads.
    They store their equipment at two yards, one in Houston and one in San Antonio. The milling machine, which strips the upper layers of a surface in order to prep it for the new asphalt, requires special hauling requirements when it goes out to a job. Hayden Paving just bought their own trailer so they can transport it themselves.
    They prefer to hire people already trained on the equipment, but training them in-house happens as well.
    Even though the business of laying asphalt is harder in the hot Texas summers, it’s the best time for the materials, which go down better when it’s warm.
    When it comes to the actual striping of the new surface, Hayden Paving can do smaller jobs but sub-contracts out for the larger ones.
    As with any industry, new advances in technology affect paving as well, making “better ways to do things every day,” says Hayden. Machinery and equipment are becoming more and more advanced, making tolerances and specifications more exacting.
    As to the future of the company, Dad Scott is still going strong and not showing any signs of slowing down. Hayden’s uncle Bob Henry is the vice president, while Haden stays busy with all the hats he wears.
    So far, Hayden Paving has done work in three states. When asked about adding more to the list, Hayden said, “The sky’s the limit, right?”
    Which would mean buying more milling machines, more trailers to haul them, and more personnel to do the paving. Maybe they will open up another yard, say, Dallas or Austin.
    And that ultimately means that Hayden Paving is not only surviving, but thriving.
    Hayden Paving provides asphalt paving services for new and remedial construction in the Houston area. -dsz

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