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Quality always in style

image José Miranda (back row, second from left), owner of Quality Millwork, and dad Alfonso (back row, far left) and the Quality team

HOUSTON - José Miranda (back row, second from left), owner of Millwork Quality, and his father Alfonso (back row, far left)








    The owner of Millwork Quality chuckles when he thinks about what the style might be 30 years from now.
    José Miranda knows what’s in vogue today might be laughed at in the future, just as we do now when we look back at previous styles.
    But, for now, customers want the sleek, modern look. And, Millwork Quality delivers the goods.
    It has delivered its products to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. But, it can claim Chicago as its furthest destination. A customer in Houston opened an office in the Windy City, and they hired Miranda to build fixtures for it up there.  They built it here and shipped and installed it up there.
    About 80 percent of Quality’s work is commercial; 20 percent residential.
    Miranda is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. His father, Alfonso, also a carpenter, came to America first, in 2007. Miranda followed suit in 2008. They both worked for the same carpentry shop in Houston until that company folded in 2011.
    So, in November 2011, Miranda founded Millwork Quality.
    Opening a business as a recently-arrived immigrant wasn’t that hard, Miranda said, as “everyone was so helpful” in the process.
    Millwork Quality has grown quite a bit in a few short years. It started out in a garage. Within three months it was in a 1,200sf warehouse. Within six months it was in a 2,500sf facility. Today, it’s in a 15,000sf space.
    Currently, Millwork Quality employees Miranda, his father and eight other guys.
    Miranda hopes to expand even more and eventually move into their own warehouse, no longer renting space. And, he hopes to one day leave Millwork Quality to his 14-year-old son.
    It may be fun to speculate what might be in fashion 30 years from now. One thing we know for sure now: quality never goes out of style.
    Just ask José Miranda.
    Millwork Quality, LLC, is a cabinetry and millwork business in Houston. -dsz

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