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Running the show

image Theodore Sims, president of TSG Industries, riding a bulldozer.

HOUSTON - Being raised in a small country town outside of Houston, Theodore Sims was surrounded by all kinds of horses and cows. He rode his first bull when he was 12. He even rode bulls for his Prairie View A & M rodeo team.






    (He proudly states he has all his teeth and no broken bones.)
    Now, Sims takes the bull by the horns as president of TSG Industries, and will manage a construction project from start to finish, ensuring the client ends up with the product he wanted at a price he can afford.
    Sims is a third generation contractor/builder/utility worker. After college he worked for a firm that did a lot of military and federal construction projects all over the world.
    Sims also has an entrepreneur streak running in his family, and they always encouraged him to someday start his own business. He answered the call in 2007 when he formed TSG.
    Sims and his 13 employees will facilitate and oversee a project from concept to completion, to include the design-build, forecast and monitor schedules, control costs, coordinate between the architect, contractors and the client, and manage all other logistical considerations.
    A recent large project was the $1.35 billion water purification plant for the city of Houston, which increased water availability from 80 million gallons per day to 400 million. TSG was in charge of tracking the schedules and costs, deviations and quality control.
    Having a project management outfit run a project can be especially helpful for a client with little experience in construction. “Our primary focus is design-build projects,” Sims said. The desire is to save the customer money without sacrificing quality, not to mention turning a vision into a reality. TSG can act as the general contractor, or chose the GC if the client needs.
    TSG’s portfolio includes a lot of federal and military projects, such as on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, as well as educational ones.
    And, as is often the case after a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, there is work to be done.
    One school was heavily damage with floodwater. It couldn’t get repaired in time to allow the students to return in order to make their required days of school. TSG came in to construct two temporary campuses for 380 displaced students.
    Another educational project that gave Sims great satisfaction was a modular middle school built for students who had previously been meeting in a church facility. For the first time, the kids now have their own independent school campus.
    “When you can put kids back in school and be there for opening day to see them walk in and appreciate the new facility, there’s nothing like it,” Sims said with obvious joy.
    TSG has even started a Go Fund Me account for students displaced by the storm.
     TSG is also heavily involved with Lone Star College as well as the new library complex of Texas Southern University.
    “The end use of a facility gives us satisfaction,” he added.
    From idea to reality, TSG will manage a construction project in all aspects. Some jobs can be carefully planned and executed; others are done in rapid response to hurricanes. The bottom line is they get it done.
    Sometimes it can be as wild as riding a bull in a rodeo. Fortunately, Sims can
do it.
    TSG Industries is a project management firm in the Houston area. -dsz.   

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