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Fabricating to please

image Mobil Steel workers hard at work.

HOUSTON - Continuing to provide quality steel fabrication for companies is Mobil Steel International Inc.’s main goal. “We work with companies in the chemical manufacturing industry, oil and gas processing industry, fire companies, communication and general manufacturing industries, and the commercial construction industry. We enjoy working with them all,” says Mobil Steel President and CEO, Leonard Bedell.


     Primarily an industrial fabricator, the company continues to look at select commercial projects, not bidding on everything, but aligning themselves with folks they’ve done business with or that know them and the quality of work they set their high standards for. “We like companies that pick us for reliability as much as price, but price not being the driving factor.
    “Our business is extremely competitive. Everyone is trying to get the best pricing they can, but we hope they recognize that we spend a lot on our safety and quality control. The American Institute of Steel Construction, an engineering driven group that has extremely high standards, certifies us.  We are very proud that we are going on 13 years of being certified.“
    Bedell believes you can never have enough business. With a large six-bay facility of close to 80,000sf, Bedell says Mobil Steel can handle a multitude of different projects at the same time. “We watch our schedules especially if someone has to get something in and out in a certain time-frame. We try to meet our customer’s schedules because we recognize there are a lot of other suppliers, workers and crane equipment that needs to be assembled to make projects happen. We don’t want to be the cause of someone not meeting their schedule.”
     Mobil Steel International Inc. is a structural steel fabricator in Houston. -cmw

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