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Wiring Texas

image Chris Dailey, founder and president of Dailey Electric, Inc.

HOUSTON - Even though Dailey Electric has its corporate office in College Station, it has a good chunk of people in its Houston location, and is also branching out to Lockhart and Austin.






    And it even got its start, in a sense, in Wichita Falls.
    This is where Chris Dailey is from. The company’s founder and owner got his feet wet in the electrical trade working for his father during summers in high school, many times at Shepherd Air Force Base.
    Ironically, dad tried to steer son from making construction his livelihood.
    But after three years as a geology major at Texas A & M, Dailey decided that construction really was his interest, so he switched majors to industrial distribution.
    He got the opportunity to work for a large electrical contractor in College Station, but after that company was bought out by another, he decided to venture out on his own, giving birth to Dailey Electric in 2003.
    The Houston branch was formed in 2010 when Dailey acquired Berger Electric. Running the Houston office is Michael Prince, who was the third hire Dailey ever made when he formed his business.
    Operations in Houston are run from of a 10,000sf facility, and out of Dailey’s total of 300 employees, about 160 are located in Space City.
    Despite a momentary lull in the action there due to Hurricane Harvey, business is booming. Bids that were out are coming in now and Houston will have to add more employees to handle the backlog. That’s a good problem to have.
    Business is booming elsewhere in Texas too. Comal County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state, and the new Lockhart branch is designed to handle affairs up Austin and San Marcos way. Dailey does a lot of work for institutions of higher learning in all its location, including the University of Texas at Austin.
    Dailey himself keeps busy by visiting all the various offices and job sites.
    “Our main thing is to do quality installation at a reasonable price,” he said. He also has a lot of repeat customers.
    A major factor in Dailey’s growth has been its people. Many of his employees have been with the company since the early days. He said he’s “been lucky enough to hire a bunch of good people.”
    Of all the aspects of his work that is changing the most, it’s lighting and the price of it. LED lights draw less voltage than lights of old and are a more efficient use of energy. A bid three years ago was higher than if the same bid were done today.
    Plus, the electrical contactor in the field now has the advantage over previous ones. Today, he has a tablet and instant access to information. Thus, he can coordinate with the other contractors better than ever. And, they can see projects before they are even done with 3D modeling and other imaging software.
    Dailey Electric is growing in Texas. People and businesses are moving to the Lone Star State, which drives everything else.
    With no pun intended, Dailey accurately said that when it comes to the electrical business, “The future is bright.”
    Dailey Electric, Inc., is an electrical construction and service company based in College Station,  -dsz

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