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Working his way forward

image Destin Drywall & Paint Inc.

HOUSTON - If Glen Smith could have one bumper sticker for his car, it would probably say, ā€œIā€™d rather be working.ā€







    “I don’t even like staying home on the weekends; I’d rather be doing work!” admits the vice president of Destin Drywall & Paint Inc. “I love my job. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else; I’ve never wanted to do anything else. They say that if you find something that you love then it’s not a job.”
    Smith has worked in drywall and carpentry since he was 17. Although he did foray into nuclear industry work for 12 years, his heart has always belonged to construction.
    “I like building things,” Smith says. ”It pretty much came natural to me; I’m a mechanical-type builder, so putting things together has always been pretty easy.”
    After working for System Painters Inc., Smith took ownership of Destin Drywall and Paint Inc. with business partner Doug Gilbert in 1998. Since then, the company has evolved to include a new office building in Cypress in 2011, an office staff of 14 and a side company, Destin Media Blasting, which uses various abrasives on cars for restoration and oil field equipment. Smith’s partner Gilbert will also soon be retiring and making way for his son, Chris Gilbert, to take over his part.
    “We think it’s going to be beneficial and good for the company,” Smith says. “Chris is a young man and we want to bring in young people.”
    With the company’s 25th anniversary coming up, Smith says he looks forward to a future of more work.
    “We celebrate every day. We all enjoy being here. It’s a fun place to be!” he says. “I hope that we keep growing and I hope to continue to have a good place for all of my employees to make a living at.”
    Destin Drywall & Paint Inc. is located in Cypress. –mjm

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