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Time does tell

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HOUSTON - Oh, this is a big one. The big five-oh, that is. This year Cryer Plastering Co., Inc. celebrates 50 years. Lloyd A. Cryer established the company in 1968. The current president of the company Daniel Frank said, “I guess it is time to plan a celebration.”





     Frank takes us back to how it all started. “I was lucky to marry Cryer’s  beautiful daughter, Mary, my senior year of college at Texas Tech University.” After graduation the newlyweds moved back to Columbus, TX, where Frank was working for Drymalla Construction. He spent eight years working in Columbus and then switched gears toward Houston. Frank worked for his father-in-law at Cryer Plastering for 12 years.
    Today Frank and Mary own the company. The warehouse is in Houston and their office is in Richmond. Frank said, “A good portion of our work is in schools, churches, office buildings, hospitals and some retail work.”
    Even though it was in 2004 that Frank took the podium as president of the company Cryer Plastering still follows their core principles they were originally built on.
    They helped lead a group from the Sanctuary Fellowship Church in Rosenberg. They built houses for struggling families down in Penitas, TX. “We have been able to help build six new houses for families, as well as remodel or add on to houses to help families while showing and telling them of God’s love.” Frank adds it was a blessing for them and the families of Penitas.
    Frank and Mary have four sons. Their youngest is an 18-year-old junior at George Ranch High School. Their other son Joseph Frank is vice president of Cryer.
    Joseph Frank started working with the company four years ago. He handles the estimating, insurance, contracts and submittals.
    Frank knows what it can be like working with your father. He jokingly admits, “I would have to work with him all day, then go home and my wife would say, ‘Hey we are going to my parent’s tonight.’ I’m thinking, oh, great.” Frank adds that it has been a joy having his son working with them every day.
    Another asset to the Cryer team is Fillimon Seranno the superintendent. Frank and Seranno came to work for Cryer at about the same time, “24 years ago.” Frank said, “Having Fillimon in charge of the field leaves us knowing that everything will be taken care of.” 
    Frank’s team is important to him, so safety on jobsites is very important. He wants all the employees to be healthy and able to go home to their families every night. Cryer Plastering actually has a safety company working with them to provide up-to-date training and jobsite inspections.
    Frank is a family man who works hard for the business. So, when the time is right Frank and Mary enjoy traveling. They’ve enjoyed cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean. A recent trip was spent in Wisconsin visiting friends and trying out ice fishing. Brr!
    Frank definitely has a sense of wilderness in him because each year he goes hunting. “Last year I was able to hunt in British Columbia, where I killed a huge black bear.” He’s also hunted in Missouri, but this year he’s heading back to BC to hunt for moose.
    There is much to look forward to with his family and business. It’s been 50 years and that can only mean there will be more.
    Cryer Plastering is a lath, stucco and plaster contractor. –lv

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