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The minister of painting

image Johnny Perry, founder and owner of His Professional Painting.

HOUSTON - When he was a small, country church pastor, Johnny Perry, owner of His Professional Painting in Conroe, TX, had to be what’s called “bi-vocational” in order to supplement his income. This is not uncommon with small churches.






    “When you start a church, not every church is financially able to support you.  I always did work on the side,” he explained.
    This used to include some landscaping, but primarily painting. Perry has been painting full time now since 2010.
    Having said that, Perry is still in the ministry. “People are my passion, but painting is my job.”
    This passion moved Perry to start his own 501c3 charity called Others Outreach Missions three years ago. This ministry provides food, clothing or charitable contributions for families and individuals in need. They have been featured on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America.
    Perry sums up his ministry philosophy this way: “It’s a relationship; it’s not about religion.”
    His Professional Painting will pretty much paint anything the customer wants, like a water park. This was a challenge because the paint had to be mixed with polyurethane and marine paint, but only in small quantities at a time because the chemical reaction produces a quick hardening. One inexperienced painter mixed a full gallon, and “within an hour he had a whole gallon of Nerf football paint.”
    Perry will paint “whatever the people need. I’m here to treat everybody equally. That’s what makes the difference in our company—it’s not mine but His.”
    Perry enjoys working with his clients if they need help in choosing the right color. “I don’t just become a painter to the client but a friend.”
    There’s that relationship thing again.
    Perry and his three employees start each day off with prayer at the worksite. This has produced some interesting results. More than one homeowner has asked him to pray for their home once he’s finished with the painting.
    One lady overheard Perry pray with the crew over several mornings. She came in one day to tell him how much she “really appreciated what you’re doing with your men because I can hear you through the walls.”
    That gives Perry a great deal of satisfaction, even though he doesn’t do this for show. “When I’m selling the job, I’m selling myself,” he said.
    Perry prefers to be the last one in on a job out of all the other trades. And, preparation is the key to a good paint job, even if it seems like it makes the job longer. “We want to make the customer happy and leave them with a good feeling. Six hours of painting and 10 hours of clean up is not good.”
    Instead of a formal congregation within the walls of a church building, Perry has extended his ministry through His Professional Painting.  People are people and still need a word of prayer over them every now and then. And, there’s nothing like a good paint job on your building at the end of the day to look at and admire.
    Oh, yes—Perry will paint your church if you want him too.
    His Professional Painting is a painting contractor in the Houston area. -dsz

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