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No rule breaking

image Daniel Dean and his crew in 1993.

HOUSTON - Not everyone starts his or her career in junior high, but Daniel Dean, owner of Daniel Dean Land Clearing & Dirt Work, sure did. Dean has two and a half decades of experience and his team love what they do. Dean does have six rules that he asks his team to follow.




    Number one is “no negative talking or negative thinking on the job.” Second is to “get along with others, it is not a competition.” The third rule is “no Harley Davidson or pictures of half naked females on t-shirts attire.” I don’t think the guys would want to get those garments dirty anyways.
    Now the fourth rule Dean had to add due to an incident on a job site. Dean remembers having to get on a small excavator. “I made a slight turn and I went down the hill of the pad to move some dirt around. When I came back up I was at that same spot and the dirt became uneven. I walked over there to smooth is up and the guy on the bulldozer raced across there to smooth it up too. He came over there and didn’t slow down. If I hadn’t moved out of the way I would’ve been run over.”  So there you have it rule number four, “be nice to the boss.“
    The last two rules are “no cussing on the job and have fun.” The team does have fun, while following Dean’s rules. He makes sure everyone has fun with what they do. To reward his team a few times a month Dean will have food catered or he’ll treat the team to a good lunch. “If the job ever got to a point where it was just work and boring, I don’t want to do that nor would I expect my guys to do it.”
    In the case that one of the guys breaks a rule, Dean says their name goes on the back of his dirty tailgate. If that one person keeps breaking rules, well then his name gets a tally mark. No shame in the name game.
     Daniel Dean Land Clearing & Dirt Work is an excavating contractor. –lv

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