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Internal compass

image BC Commercial’s Houston Team L-R: Jason Peugeot, superintendent; Jana Shaw, executive assistant; and Joseph Shaw, general manager.

HOUSTON - Changing directions is nothing new for Robert Beach who, with his wife Michelle, helms BC Commercial.








    Robert began his construction career in his 20s remodeling homes. To subsidize his income, he worked for his dad’s plumbing business, where he was introduced to commercial clients eager to utilize his remodeling expertise. He switched to commercial work and founded his company (formerly Beach Construction) in 1999 in Dallas.
    “My father’s largest customer at the time was the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas,” Beach remembers. “I jumped right in with the big boys! It was very exciting.  It was something that I had wanted to do that I really visualized doing, although I had assumed I was going to be moving into a career as a homebuilder. However, I got into the commercial construction realm, and found a real fit with the construction department and the architects and engineers there.”
    Robert and Michelle continued to grow their company for nearly two decades, but recently realized that the name “Beach Construction” was doing their commercial construction and design-build company no favors.
    “As we got into the construction work, we got a lot of calls from people asking us if we did beach construction – like bringing in sand,” Robert says. “We would always have to explain!”
    The Beaches consulted a media agency about marketing possibilities. Their consensus was that the name “Beach Construction” was too confusing; the decision was made to rebrand the business as BC Commercial.
    “We’re really glad we did, especially since in the last year we opened an office in Clear Lake and we are working in the Houston/Galveston area,” he says. “It was really good timing; we were able to attract talent to run that office, someone we have worked with the entire time our business has been open. It makes for a good fit.”
    In the year since the office opened, BC Commercial has already undertaken notable projects in the area.
    “We’re getting involved and doing some cool work [in the Galveston area],” he says. “We’re doing some historical projects down in Galveston in the Strand Historic District. There are some old buildings there that have a lot of history with neat stories behind them.”
    As BC Commercial grows, Robert says more changes are to come.
    “We have primarily been a healthcare contractor and have worked in some of the biggest hospitals, and have also done a lot of higher education,” he says. “What we want to do, and what is starting to come to fruition, is larger scale ground-up projects. We’re sort of seguewaying from being a renovation contractor and have attracted some good talent with specialties in ground-up work.”
    In a few years, the couple would like to change directions again by relocating and eventually retiring on Galveston Island, where they were born and raised.
    “My son graduated from college and my daughter is in college,” he says. “We would like to move to Galveston Island and work back up to [North Texas] just like we have been in North Texas working back down south,” Robert says.
    HUB- and MWBE-certified general contractor BC Commercial has offices in Clear Lake/Houston and Dallas. –mjm

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