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Remember when

image Leo Castillo (middle) and the Stillo Construction crew.

HOUSTON - In September 2008, hurricane Ike hit the Houston area. At that time Stillo Construction became fully operational and opened their doors. No, Ike didn’t blow them in or tear them down. “It was about three or four weeks before hurricane Ike that we opened our doors. No one knew it was coming, but it was a pretty hard time to start the business.” President of Stillo Construction, Leo Castillo, says not to bite off more than what you can chew.


    Well the weather conditions sure didn’t stop Castillo from hitting the company’s 10-year anniversary this year. The company plans to celebrate with a barbeque for the families of all the employees. Mr. Castillo, the man with the plan has 47 employees and one location. They are no strangers to a company barbeque. The company’s office manager Lily and her father both work at Stillo. Castillo says that Lily’s father is in charge of barbequing when the time calls for a company meal.
    The service provided is stucco repairs and new construction stucco. They also know how to win on the field; I’m talking about the soccer field. Stillo Construction sponsors a soccer team with 12 crew members. Recently the soccer tournament the team played in, won. Hooray! In the office sits the big trophy.
    Stillo is a family owned company, so who is related to Mr. Castillo at work? He says his brother works with him and his wife (Mrs. Castillo) used too. Her passion is baking and now owns her own baking business. How sweet.
    Mr. Castillo shares a joke that was played on one of his project managers. It was during a time that they outgrew one of their offices. Lily was put into another office. They told the project manager that Lily had been fired. “It was very funny because she was no longer at the office since we moved offices.” That was one joke; another involved his puppy named Remy. Mr. Castillo says he brought him in one day. “He was roaming around everywhere and the employees were all after him. Everyone ended up bumping into each other.” Remy is no longer a puppy, but a dog that has been with Mr. Castillo for 15 years. Yes, he still brings his dog to work. The employees no longer chase after him.
    Stillo Construction is a stucco company in Houston. –lv

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