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Celebrating five

image Locke Solution team members gather together at the ground breaking of their recently completed new facility.

HOUSTON - For as long as Asher Kazmann, president of Locke Solutions can recall, growing up he always wanted to be a precaster; that, or a professional baseball player.






    In January 2013, he made one of his dreams come true with a group of five employees designing and manufacturing precast concrete structures primarily for use with underground utilities such as power lines, communication lines, storm water drainage and cleaning systems.  They produced their first concrete structure the 23rd of that month. 
    “I’ve always considered my initial team of five employees to be part of our founding group.  In this business, the most important piece to having success is the integrity and quality of the people,” says Kazmann.
    Starting out five employees strong and by the end of the first month, they had grown to seven strong and for the first few years grew on an average of about one employee per month.  Today, Locke Solutions has 44 employees throughout the company operations.
    The company has gone through many changes over the last five years, much of it due to the increase in volume.  They’ve had equipment upgrades from adding their own onsite concrete batch plant to continually upgrading and adding to their overhead crane capacity in their manufacturing area.  As they’ve increased in size, it’s allowed them the ability to add more resources to focus on employee development and improve on their engineering and CAD modeling technologies.
    About two years ago, the company made a decision to invest in a new facility that would allow them to continue on the pace of growth they were experiencing and help them maintain their service levels.
     “We lasted almost five years to the day in our first facility and by the time we moved, we were busting at the seams. Our manufacturing facility was overcrowded, everybody was sharing their office with at least one other person, and we had to expand our parking lot so people wouldn’t have to park in the grass.
     “We designed this new facility to allow future growth as well with plenty of room to expand the manufacturing and office facilities as we need.”
    Kazmann’s love doesn’t stop at precasting.  He and his company are heavily involved in several trade associations in the construction industry, hosting barbecue and crawfish teams throughout the year as well as sponsoring golf, fishing and clay shoot teams in the various associations they are involved in.  “As we get settled into the new facility, there’s a good chance we will be in the middle of an aggressive table tennis tournament going on after work.”
    The company christened the new facility by hosting their company Christmas party in the facility’s warehouse the day before they moved in and has plans to host an open house in the spring once they’ve gotten settled in and unpacked.
    Locke Solutions is a manufacturer of precast concrete structures in Houston. -cmw

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