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Stomping ground

image Uri Ghelman, Chief Operating Officer of Habitat Construction Company

HOUSTON - The construction industry can be a roller coaster ride at times. The anticipation of what can happen next is similar to that of a design build firm. Habitat Construction Company started small and has grown steadily since 1999. “It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster, but every year has been better than the previous one,” says Uri Ghelman, COO. They added more carts to their roller coaster when they began to do commercial real estate development two years ago.


    Ghelman explains how his background is in design, while his partner, Alejandro Messing has his background in finance. “We started doing just construction and then we expanded to doing some development. That’s probably where we want to push the company in the near future,” says Ghelman.
    Habitat Construction is a cultural diverse mix of people working together. They wanted to pick a name that had a similar meaning in English and Spanish. They were aiming for something that was not going to decide if they were residential or commercial only. “It was very generic. It gave us the wrench to do everything that we wanted to do.”
    Ghelman also says, “Sometimes we get confused with people who think we are Habitat for Humanity.” Not often will they get a phone call asking if they are Habitat for Humanity. “We like to believe that we also help, but obviously we can’t compare with what they do,” he admits.
    Except they have given back to communities in a big way. “The whole neighborhood where I live got flooded.” Habitat was able to put together a charity by donating and helping the neighbors. “We put together a town hall meeting to give the people options on how to rebuild. We also participated very heavily with the Meyerland HOA. It’s an area very close to Bellaire that flooded badly. We joined to help the neighborhood rebuild.” Ghelman assures they are involved in the community at a personal level, but also on a company level.
     Habitat Construction continues to grow during their 19th year of business this year. Buckle up because the roller coaster is ready to ride, again.
    Habitat Construction is a fully licensed and insured Houston-based construction company. – lv

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