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Creating a sheen

image Steve Williamson owner of Cement Shine

HOUSTON - Steve Williamson, owner of Cement Shine, was a stockbroker when a friend of his approached him with the idea for a concrete service company in 2004. “It sounded appealing and was a much needed change that felt right.”





    Although he didn’t go to college for construction, Williamson says that studying business finance has actually been extremely helpful. He did get a certification in construction management and received a lot of good sales training along the way. He laughs and says, “Falling on your face can be the best lesson.”
    Cement Shine is a subsidiary to a company owned by Williamson’s partner’s father and grandfather. “The most important resource we could tap into was my partner’s father because he has 60 years of industry wisdom, which kept us from making a lot of mistakes. I’m sure he learned from his father who is 70 years old and would show up at jobs and work circles around us youngsters.” Williamson’s grandfather was also a cement mason.
    He admits that it wasn’t easy to start the business. “At first, no matter how much help you have, running a small business is similar to being on a sinking ship and you have only one bucket to run back and forth to unload water at a faster pace than it is coming on.”
    Although Cement Shine started out as a traditional cement contracting company, Williamson and his partner have found their niche in commercial concrete floor finishes. They have been able to work with some high profile clients – racecar legends, people in the entertainment industry, and even a Trump resort.
    Cement Shine in Houston is a specialty concrete surface contractor. – te

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