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Providing years of service

image Charlie and Darlene Jones started their company in 1982.

HOUSTON - Charlie Jones, owner of Chaparral Plumbing in Spring, started his plumbing career in 1967 after moving from Point Blank, TX. He went to work as a plumber’s helper at a small company in Houston.





    “While working for that first company, a guy asked me if I was going to make this my trade and I told him, ‘No way, it’s just temporary. Almost 50 years later and it’s still temporary,” chuckles Jones. 
    Jones and his wife Darlene opened the company in 1982 with a small office and a storage building in Spring. Jones and his wife lived on site in a mobile home where they raised their family of three boys and two girls. Two of his children, Randy and Denise, are still employed at Chaparral. 
    The company has survived all of the ups and downs that the construction industry has been through. “The 1980 construction market collapse created the subcontractor market we see today. In the 2006–2007 collapse, we faced a tremendous downturn in business and a furthering of the subcontractor market by the forced reduction of plumbers on staff. We continue to adapt and meet each new struggle,” shares Jones.
    A memorable experience Jones had was the first Christmas after the company opened. He received an odd request from a builder’s manager to make a steel pipe for a gumball machine they were giving to their manager. “Here we are on a cold night in December inside the construction shack with two cans of blue spray paint and a free-standing gas heater going,” Jones recollects. One of the plumbers suggested they heat the paint so it would spray better. He set his can in front of the heater while Jones finished up the can he was using. “We were standing around admiring the beautiful job we had done when the can in front of the heater exploded. Everyone ran except me. I was in shock and frozen in place. Every spot the paint splattered was on fire.” Thankfully, they were able to put the fire out and no harm was done. 
    Jones is a big fisherman and has been going to the same fishing tournament in Sam Rayburn for 44 years and has the trophies to prove it. “When he’s fishing, he’s fishing. You’re not allowed to even bring a book to read,” his wife laughs. When he’s not fishing, he likes to hunt at a ranch he owns in Leon County.
    Jones takes pride in his company and it shows in the group of long-term employees at Chaparral. Many of the managers, superintendents, and service providers are licensed plumbers with over 25 years of experience each to be sure that the job is done right the first time.
    Chaparral Plumbing is located in Spring, TX and offers commercial and residential plumbing services.

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