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Constructing the future

image Scott Stephenson is introducing drones to the commercial construction industry.

HOUSTON - The use of drones was initially intended for military use for missions that were deemed too dangerous for humans, but unmanned aerial vehicle use is broadening.






    Scott Stephenson, vice president of operations of Wolf Drones, in Rosharon, envisioned drones being used in the commercial construction industry and what they could do to provide an exciting new service for companies. Stephenson started Wolf Drones in 2017 and has three em-ployees, him and his two sons.
    “After more than 25 years in the manufacturing industry, I found myself looking for a new career. The opportunity for drone use was presented to me and it excited me the same way as when I went to work for Compaq Computer in 1989.” Carlos Alvarez, owner of Alvarez Striping, is the person who brought up the idea to Stephenson. “Carlos was working on a job for Amazon in the Greenspoint area and saw that the construction company was utilizing drones. I did some research and found out there was a huge potential for growth and that’s how I got started.”
    Although many people know about drones, and there are a lot being used for entertainment purposes, Stephenson wants to educate the industry about what his drones can do for them. “Drones are not toys, but exciting, new tools to help the construction industry.” He is providing a service that allows companies to get started and complete projects quicker.
    “My favorite part of the commercial construction industry is being able to bring in this new technology and teach others about what it can do.”
    As his 50th birthday draws near, Stephenson says he wants to continue to work until he can afford to retire, which is when he plans to buy an RV and travel the country with his wife and family.
    Wolf Drones offers different aerial services throughout the state of Texas. - te

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