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Taking on something new

image John Guel is the Houston branch manager for New Guard Coatings Inc.

HOUSTON - Being part of a new branch of a business can be exciting, but also very stressful. John Guel, branch manager for New Guard Coatings Inc., is taking it all in stride.






    The company is based out of the UK and was founded over 40 years ago. Ben Cooper, the CEO, is one of many in his family whom the company has been passed down to. 
    The Pasadena branch opened in February of this year and Guel is learning all he can about the products. He was in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years and was laid off during the time when that industry slowed down. He helped to open New Guard’s new location in February. “I’m learning a new product and industry and moving forward as quickly as I can.”
    He says his transition hasn’t been too difficult because he learned a little about the products while in the oil and gas industry. But “there are so many new products to learn. I do a lot of reading and a lot of researching.”
    Guel is the only one in the office for now and he admits that things can get a little hectic. “Customers who call want the product as soon as possible and trying to work with that can be difficult at times, but I work as hard as I can to get it to them when they want it.” He says that he will stay all night to get something completed just so they can have it ready the next day. “We try to get our products out as fast as we can to our customers because customer service is very important to us. If it’s local, I’ll deliver it myself, which then gives me a chance to meet and talk with them face-to-face.” This seems to be working because Guel says most of their work is coming from repeat customers who are also sharing their name with other companies.
    When he has time, he likes to fish at the beach in Galveston. “It helps me find myself again and gets me ready to go back to work the next week.” When he’s not fishing, he’s cheering on all of Houston’s sport teams.
    New Guard Coatings Inc. is a distributor of protective coatings. - te

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