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What’s in a name

image Beraht owners (L-R) Mike Roberts, Michael Roberts, and Andrew Roberts.

HOUSTON - Two years ago, Mike D. Roberts, CEO of Beraht Envelope Systems, had a construction company with a friend, but after their office was ruined during the Tax Day flood, they decided to go their separate ways.





    Before the split, Michael G. Roberts, Mike’s son and CBO, asked his dad if he could help out. “I got tired of being in the retail industry and was just looking for something different.”
    Andrew Roberts, COO and Mike’s younger brother, was the first to discover the envelope wall product after seeing it being used at a past site. He did more research and they all decided to make that their specialty. In fact, Michael did his capstone project for his Master’s degree on the system.
    Mike has been in the industry for some time now. “When I was a kid, my dad did odd construction jobs so I was around it and I would go out to the jobsites and see what was going on. I’ve been in construction since I was 18 years old, and I’m 59 now.” This was the same way his brother Andrew got into the industry.
    The name of the company is more than just a name; it is something special. Andrew says it’s important that people know “we are Beraht because it’s a derivative of our last name.” Michael came up with the name after doing some research and finding out that Beraht means bright, brilliant, and illuminating.  
    “Faith is the foundation of our company. Part of our vision is to be a blessing to the community. We want to determine how and where we can help,” shares
    The team offers construction services that range from Design-Build to general contracting.
    Beraht Envelope Systems is a full service construction service provider and envelope system contractor. – te

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