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Customer service is tops

image Gary Vossler (middle) with Tara Swisher and Liz Hernandez

Houston - For most people, starting their own business by themselves is difficult, and Gary Vossler, president of Vossler Plumbing Company, can attest to that, but it’s all worth it in the end.






    He has been running the business for 30 years now and although it’s been challenging at times, he says it’s also been very rewarding.
    “This started as a summer job in college and I just never went back to school,” Vossler shares. He found something that he was good at that came natural to him, so he stuck with it.
    Although there are 18 employees now, Vossler plans on expanding the business. “We are working on building the business right now and focusing more on customer service, and training and building highly-qualified service technicians.”
    Vossler’s customers and the work he provides to them are very important to him. “I want the customers to know they can rely on us. I want to build lasting rapport with people based on the service we provide,” he emphasizes. “I enjoy the people in this industry and the relationships I build.”
    “My favorite projects have been what we’ve done in Downtown Houston in some of the municipal buildings and some conversions of some old buildings into new residential lofts.” Vossler says he takes pride in seeing what his company has accomplished after a project is complete. “What I love most about the business is looking back on projects that we have done. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see how we took it from nothing to something.”
    Amid all of the hard work that takes place at Vossler Plumbing, they still find time to help others. “We will be doing some charitable campaigns this year for breast cancer awareness in October. We always support the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as well as local churches.”
    Vossler Plumbing Company specializes in commercial and residential plumbing and jetting services.
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