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Spreading the knowledge

image Russell Construction Company family and staff

HOUSTON - The old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can be witnessed by a 30- year-old company which continues to use the same business model it began with.





Russell Construction Company was founded in 1987 by John Russell, Sr. He was the sole originator of the company and worked hard to provide great service. While doing so, he taught his four children all about the business.  “My father built the bicycle, he taught us how to ride it, and when we took over ownership of the company, we didn’t change anything. Things are still done the exact same way they were done in 1987,” explains Vice President Matt Russell.
    Matt and his two other brothers, Ty and John, Jr., along with their sister Rosanna, took over the company after their father retired in 2000. Matt explains that the design of operations his father set up is what has made the company so successful. “This business model is what has kept us out of debt, even during the downturn in the industry.”
    Although they have no plans to open any other locations, they are working on spreading education about the construction industry to schools. “We are working on putting together a small program to visit high schools in the area to show them a different avenue for their future. It would be like a school mentor program to expose kids to a different field of construction and something they might not think is available to them,” Matt shares.
    When not at work, the boys like to participate in charity fishing tournaments and events and Rosanna volunteers at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. 
    The family has experienced some crazy things, but one incident in particular involved them “working in stores in the middle of the night and seeing a robbery take place in the store.”
    Their business spans the United States and Matt is certain their father’s teachings will carry them through another 30 years.
    Russell Construction Company is a general contracting company that specializes in the retail industry.  – te

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