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Blasting through the competition

image Adam Hitchcock, general manager for Blast Inc.

HOUSTON - Moving from restaurateur to blasting concrete and other surfaces seems like it would be a hard transition. Adam Hitchcock’s father and mother did it seamlessly when they established Blast Inc.






    His dad got invited to Houston in 1981 to experience the pressure washing industry. Friends took him out and wined and dined him; showed him their nice cars and nice houses, and it “completely blew his mind. He came from humble beginnings, so that was unbelievably attractive,” supposes Hitchcock. At that time, there were very few companies doing this type of work so his father knew he could become very successful and give his family a good life.
    His father had a pizza and wing restaurant in Buffalo, NY and he closed it and went to Houston and started making a name for himself out of his garage.
    Blast Inc. formed in 1984 after Hitchcock’s dad completed a few years of training and working to gain experience.
    Hitchcock quite literally grew up in the business (his first time in a lift was at 2 years old) and claimed a stake at an early age. “I put my name on the slab [in the shop] 20 years ago when I was 10 years old. That was my childhood thinking of ‘Put your name on it and it’s yours,’” he laughs.
    “I didn’t get started in the company the easy way,” he admits. His first job he ever had was breaking concrete when he was 14 years old. That didn’t deter him from coming back, though. Seeing grown men push themselves to get their job done is something that is ingrained in his memory. “Spending time with those men showed me how I should be as an employee and an employer.”
    Hitchcock has always been pulled to the company and what it represents. “I love seeing the effect that we can have on a city; it is amazing. Being able to claim that I’m part of the reason why one of the biggest cities in the world looks the way it does is because of our family and our business; I don’t think it can get any better than that.”
    Blast Inc. specializes in high-pressure cleaning and waterproofing.  - te

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