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Blowing bubbles

image Paul Stroade on his off-time enjoying his backyard

HOUSTON - Paul Stroade and Chad Kirby come from different backgrounds but came together to create F3 Foam. Stroade’s background is in finance and accounting in the construction industry, and Kirby worked in construction with a foam insulation company for 10 years.





   “Both of us were at the point in our lives where we wanted to own our own company and control our destiny,” Stroade said. “We were both nearly 40 years old and knew it was the time to do it. We sat down one day and decided to start a foam company in addition to the construction.”
    F3 Foam started in Nov. 2015 after examining the landscape of the growing Houston area market.
    “We live on the north side of Houston, and Conroe was named as the fastest growing town in the United States,” Stroade said. “Montgomery County has to be one of the top counties in the state. We saw all the construction spreading out here and it was what Chad knew best.”
    F3 Foam has two trucks and seven employees, but that will change before too long.
    “We are growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up right now,” Stroade said. “We’re as busy as we’ve ever been and are really in need of expanding our fleet with at least one or two more trucks.
    “You don’t want to grow too fast because you can’t afford to string out your capital and cash flow. One thing that helps out right now is that there are two of us.”
    F3 does around 70 percent residential and 30 percent commercial work. The foam is an alternative to the conventional fiberglass insulation.
    “Spray foam allows an airtight seal,” Stroade said. “Bad insulation allows air to come in and out of the structure. When you spray it with foam, you’re locking all that air out and can control the inside climate.”   –cs/rd

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