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No room for failure

image L-R: Chris Harclerode, owner, and Jose Valencia, partner

HOUSTON - Chris Harclerode, owner, and Jose Valencia started Advanced Glass Solutions only six months ago, but the company is quickly becoming the go-to for commercial glass installation throughout Houston and the surrounding areas.





  According to Valencia, it was an “overnight decision” for Harclerode and him to start their business. “Doors opened up and we had endless opportunities to do what we needed to do to make this happen.” Valencia admits that it’s been “one good adventure so far.”
    They know this is just the beginning though, and there are some naysayers out there, but they refuse to listen to them. “We took a chance, but we came in with our eyes wide open. We knew what we were getting ourselves into and we put in 100 percent every day. Chris and I are up here seven days a week.” Jose gives credit to Harclerode by saying he made this opportunity possible and that “no matter what, he’s always going to have his back.”
    It’s evident that failure is not an option for the company. “So far we haven’t seen a downside yet, and we don’t want to. All we can do is keep striving, keep moving,” Valencia shares. That’s what they have been doing. After acquiring a warehouse in the Spring Branch area, they spent two months building an office space upstairs with a kitchen area.
    The company was given its first big break from a contractor Valencia has known for years. They installed the glass for Bayway Dodge in Pasadena and Valencia hopes they can continue to get more work for car dealerships.
    Harclerode and Valencia say their success comes from the employees they have. “We take care of our guys. Employees are what make the company.” With 80 years of experience from just two of the 12 guys working in the field, Harclerode and Valencia have set themselves up for success. “Their work is substantial; there are no flaws.” Along with the 12 employees in the field, the company has three fabricators who work out of the warehouse, and they recently hired on a truck driver.
    “We took responsibility for everyone who works for us and the responsibility of putting food on their table, which we cannot fail at because if we fail, they fail,” says Valencia. “We all left something secure to jump on board and make something for ourselves. When I say ‘ourselves’ I mean the entire company, everyone who works here. So we include them on everything – decisions that we make, we always ask for their opinion.”
    These two men who run Advanced Glass Solutions truly care about their employees and they believe if the employees are unhappy, the company won’t succeed.  “I’ve always seen it as these guys have to be taken care of because without them, this is not going to happen,” Valencia explains. “These are the guys that are producing the work for our company and putting our name out there. We want them to do that with a smile because they know at the end of the day, they’re going to have a guaranteed job, extra money or bonuses, and they know we are only a phone call away for help.”
    Harclerode and Valencia’s passion for their company can be seen on their faces and in their attitude. “We love our job, we love our company, we love the guys who work for us, and the companies we work for.” - te

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