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Electric growth

image Prism Electric opened up in 2010 and expects to continue to grow as Houston grows.

HOUSTON - For seven years, the Houston branch of Prism Electric has been growing by attaining good work and having good resources. But not it that order.

    “You can use a low price to get a job but if you don’t perform, you’re not going to do anymore work with those clients or general contractors,” Houston branch vice president Fred Haranda said. “Growth is based on your ability to do what you say you’re going to do.
    “We put our resources in front of our work. We look for good people and good resources. Then, we go find good work to keep them busy.”
    The corporate headquarters is in Dallas, and the company has six office locations.
    “Blake Combs, who is the sole proprietor and owner of company, started the company,” Haranda said. “We’ve grown, and this year, we’ll do $200 million.”
    The list of Prism’s projects is exten-sive, including Hotel Zaza, High School for Visual and Performing Arts and Amazon facility in Katy, TX.
    “We’re a full service electrical con-tractor,” Haranda said. “We do everything from a one-hour service call to a $12-14 million construction projects.”
    Haranda says the branches’ success stems from the trust that trickled down from the Dallas office to him and branch president Gary Lumsden.
    “In Houston, we’re about a $40 million contractor,” he said. “Most of that is from Blake hiring us guys that were local industry people and allowing us to build through our local relationships. The corporate office is very supportive and allowed us to make our own roadmap to get to where we are at.
    “You have to solid checks and balances to make sure that the work is you’re chasing is healthy and have the resources to perform the work.–cs

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