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Drywall for all

image Jim Smith owns Shear Hampton Drywall, which does commercial drywalling along with other services.

HOUSTON - After moving from Fort Myers, Fla. to the Houston area in 2009, Jim Smith is getting a grasp on the Texas landscape.

    Smith owns Shear Hampton Drywall, LLC., a company the specializes in commercial drywall projects and does metal framing, axial loaded studs, stucco, insulation along with other services.
    “My favorite thing is the volume of work, and the people are salt to the Earth,” Smith said.
    In a competitive space, Smith says he needs to find the right kind of clients and relationships to keep his business growing.
    “The prices are low, just because there’s a lot work,” Smith said.
    Smith, whose business is located in Katy, believes that subcontractors in the in the state should be licensed.
    “I’m licensed in three states and have written for publications,” Smith said. “I also have my MBA. It all helps but there are very few subcontractor organizations in the state of Texas. I understand it. I think subcontractors need to be licensed here and they’re not.”
    Going forward, Smith would like to see his relationships with companies in Houston grow.
    “I just want to establish my customer base better,” Smith said. “I want to do $4-5 million a year.
    “It comes over time, before but I want to do it with good customers. Customers that will partner with you on projects and pay well.”
    Shear Hampton does all commercial work and has 20 employees.
    Smith projects include shopping centers, retail spaces, schools, medical facilities and apartment complexes. –cs

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