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Working with water everywhere

image Scott Hicks and Melany Larenas are heading up Raba Kistner’s new coastal and hydraulic engineering services.

HOUSTON – With the addition of Scott Hicks, PE, and Melany Larenas, PG, Raba Kistner’s environmental group recently added coastal and hydraulic engineering to its services. Hicks and Larenas will continue working as a team at Raba Kistner as they have the past three years before joining the firm.

    Working in Texas for most of his career, Hicks is Raba Kistner’s new director of coastal engineering. Larenas, a coastal geologist, is the firm’s new director of coastal services and has also worked throughout the Gulf Coast.
    “Scott and I kind of complement each other in the work that we do, and a lot of the engineering requires some component of geotechnical and geophysical work, and that’s where I come into play,” says Larenas.
    The new service offerings include shoreline protection, beach and wetland restoration, artificial reef design, port and navigation channel design, resiliency studies, marina and boating facilities, bulkhead and seawalls, dredging and sediment disposal and sand search investigations among others.
    Concerned with protection from coastal storms and erosion as well as hydrology inland that can cause flooding and water quality issues, they note that the ripples of these environmental waves can have a serious impact.
    This is why Hicks and Larenas focus on projects that can help protect the coast and any areas affected by hydraulic issues, because as Hicks explains, with five of the 25 largest ports in the country in Texas, “It’s a huge economic driver and national security interest, not only for the region but for the nation.”
    Based in San Antonio, Raba Kistner Inc. is an engineering consulting firm with Texas offices in Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, Freeport, Houston, Lake Worth, McAllen and New Braunfels. –mh

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