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A win-win for busy people

image L-R: Dan Caine, Megan Hodges, Nick Kennedy and Clynt Taylor invite busy professionals to try a more efficient way of moving around Texas.

HOUSTON – Nick Kennedy founded RISE with a laser focus on transforming air travel for frequent travelers. Co-founder Clynt Taylor had been involved in numerous start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures since leaving IBM. Both had traveled extensively, and suffered through the valuable time lost dealing with airport lines and delayed flights. Together they assembled a world-class team and leveraged their skill sets to revolutionize private air travel to make it accessible through membership.

    RISE (iflyrise.com) is a game changer with no lines, VIP treatment and bringing back dignity to flying.
    Flying out of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and soon San Antonio, their members spend very little time in airports and they have them flying within minutes of their arrival. The only thing worse than spending hours in traffic is spending hours stuck in lines. RISE airports have free parking and are outfitted with a concierge, Wi-Fi, snacks, a comfortable lobby with bathrooms, charging outlets and much more.
    “Somewhere in my two million miles of commercial air travel, I determined that I would find a way to make travel better for time starved executives,” Kennedy says. “The solution had to be affordable, accessible and a justifiable expense, not a luxury. It had to be safe and convenient as well as recover what has been lost in commercial air travel – time and dignity. I hope you'll join the RISE community of successful frequent travelers. We created it with you in mind."
    Reclaiming hours of busy executives lives is critical professionally and personally, and RISE affords them that opportunity.
    “Monthly membership dues are fixed, no matter how much you fly – five times or 20 times a month. So your CFO will never complain about your travel expenses again,” Kennedy said. –lh

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