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Industry Folks - Jose Cabello, Cokinos | Young

image Jose Cabello, Parts Manager, CLM Equipment, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - The oldest of three, Jose Cabello was your typical kid exploring and playing outside with his younger brother and sister in Matamoros, Mexico. He was born in Mexico City and moved to Matamoros with his family after turning one year of age.





    Cabello’s family moved to the United States and settled down in Houston when he was 10 years old. He attended Robert E. Lee High School for three years and graduated from Sam Rayburn High School where he would meet a beautiful 17-year-old, Elizabeth, who would become his wife three years later.
    Together, they have two children,  Jonathan who is 20 years old and daughter Celest who is 17.
    “My kids and I actually are kind of talented. My son can play just about any musical instrument there is. My daughter and I both play piano, keyboard and vocals. We sing and play for our church in both English and Spanish.”
    When Cabello was still a young man, he worked for a plumbing supply company for seven years. Even though he said the job didn’t pay well, he was comfortable there. That is until his brother-in-law, who was a parts runner in the industry, overheard that a warehouse guy was needed at one of his stops. For the next seven years, Cabello would learn the ins and outs of receiving orders and stocking, working his way up to service manager.  His experience there led him to CLM Equipment where he started out at the parts counter and then to parts manager.
    “I like talking to people. People usually call because they have a need and it’s usually an emergency; their equipment broke down and they need a part. It’s just the whole process of identifying what they need and dealing with the different types of people.
    “When I got into the industry, at the warehouse, I really wasn’t exposed to customer service, but there was this one situation where it was pretty busy at the front counter. Everybody was busy helping somebody but people were still waiting. Since I was known as a go-getter, somebody told me to go up front and help. I had never done customer service before, but I went up there and offered assistance. I made a fool of myself. I had no idea what they were asking for, but I tried anyway. One of the guys actually embarrassed me in front of everyone there and gave me a lecture and told me that I needed to go to school and learn my stuff. He smelled the fear in me because he knew I had never done anything like that before and to top it off, I was new in the industry. That really motivated me to learn, and I did learn.”
    In Cabello’s spare time, he enjoys researching things and figuring out how things work. He also enjoys playing basketball, supporting all of Houston’s teams and the performing music with his family and for our Lord. -cmw

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