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Industry Folks - Brandon Lincoln, Lonestar Aluminum Specialties

image Brandon Lincoln, General Manager, Lonestar Aluminum Specialties, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - Brandon Lincoln was born in Katy, TX where he lived until he was nine years old. At the age of nine, his family decided to move into the heart of Houston. But, the serenity of Katy would call his family back. Lincoln attended middle school and high school in Katy, graduating in 2001.





    After graduating from Katy High School, Lincoln went to college for a few years, majoring in petroleum engineering. Having had his fill of school for a while, Lincoln took a few years off from college to work and make a little money. Upon returning to college, he studied drafting and piping design. “I never graduated from college, but I took a bunch of classes in a variety of degrees. I also went to Stock Trading School for fun. I like learning different things,” adds Lincoln.
    Lincoln says he inspires to be the best person he can be. His philosophy is to love and live life while being surrounded by great people.
    Speaking of great people, when asked what he liked most about his job, he says, “I love the fast pace. The guys and owners are a great group of people. We’re one big happy family.”
    Lincoln says his stepfather inspired his interest in construction. “My step dad has always been in construction. He taught me to work well with my hands and then my head.” So when the owners of Lonestar called him and said they had an opening and asked if he was interested, he accepted the job as their purchasing agent. Three years later he became the manager of Lonestar.
    A pretty simple guy you might say. Lincoln is single and has never been married. He has no children, but says he would love to have children some day, but until then, he has his nieces and nephews that he loves very much.
    Although he jokes about “free time,” Lincoln is a man of many interests. He enjoys snowboarding, wake surfing, long boarding, mountain biking, working out, racing his 4-wheeler skydiving, large bodies of water, basically anything that causes an adrenaline rush. When he is not out pushing the limit, he enjoys spending time with his family.
    As with many of us, Lincoln has had many mentors in his life. He has had a couple of mentors from different jobs he has held, but his mentors in life are his mother and stepfather. “My mom and stepdad are such great people. I strive everyday to be just like them. I appreciate everyone in my life that has take a chance on me and has given me the opportunity to prove to them that I can do the job they have asked of me. God bless them all!” -cmw

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