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Industry Folks - Bubba Tisdale, Impact Fire Services

image Bubba Tisdale, Sales Representative, Impact Fire Services, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - William “Bubba” Tisdale loves helping people and once nurtured childhood dreams of being a policeman or firefighter – until he realized the dangers. One dream he didn’t have was working as a mechanic in his dad’s automotive shop. Although mechanically inclined, Tisdale was weary of weekends spent under cars. He found it hard to escape fate, though, and after a brief stint at Pacific Pump, he and his father opened up an automotive business, where he worked for 23 years.


   Needing insurance for his kids and a retirement plan, he applied for a fleet management position at sprinkler company Grinnell, which was merging with fire alarm company Simplex. Realizing that Tisdale had pump experience, the manager hired him on the spot to be a Field Technician.
    Starting out as a 42-year-old helper working under 20-year-old foremen was humbling for Tisdale, who was determined to advance his career. State laws required sprinkler inspectors to secure a license and Tisdale soon earned his Inspectors License, then going on to earn his RME General License and EPL Extinguisher System Planning License  later in his career. He transitioned into the office and assumed a sales position of inspection services of fire protection systems and equipment, changed companies twice more, and is now employed at Impact Fire Services alongside many of the same workers with whom he began his career.
    “Now, at this point in my career, I hold two licenses for our company,” he says proudly.
    Being in his 60s with 20 years of fire protection work to his credit, Tisdale could retire and spend his days fishing with Jamie, his beloved wife of 18 years, at their Galveston Bay house.
    “I like to fish, I like to hunt, I like to fish, and I like to fish.” Tisdale deadpans. “Fishing is my release. It’s good therapy.”
    Retirement would also give Tisdale more time with his 36-year old daughter Christina, 30-year-old son Will and 22-year-old stepson Colton. Leaving his work, however, doesn’t interest him.
    “I love what I do,” Tisdale explains. “It gets hectic at times, but it’s not physically demanding. I would say I could do this until I’m old, but I’m already old! I can do this as long as my mind is healthy. I really don’t want to retire, although I would like to slow down a little bit. But I’m happy. Life’s been good to me.” –mjm

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