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Industry Folks - Sarina Landers, CBA, Karsten Interior Services

image Sarina Landers, Operations Administration, Karsten Interior Services, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - From Scottsdale, AZ, to Houston, TX—that’s the journey Sarina Landers’ family made when she was 12.







    Why? Because her parents were both involved in the rodeo.
    Now, almost all of Landers’ family has something to do with livestock in some way. Even her 4-year-old son has a pony (even if his first love is baseball).
    Landers is the operations administrator for Karsten Interior Services in Houston. She’s been with the company for six years now. She started out in accounts receivable, which might seem strange for someone with no accounting background. Landers was a criminal justice major in college and wanted to be a defense attorney.
    The only problem was her fiancé (now her husband) was also going into law. When Landers would visit him during college breaks, all they talked about was law and cases and all sorts of legal stuff. That got old, Landers said.
    Plus, she saw what he was going through in law school and she decided she didn’t want to go through that.
    Hence, Landers changed her career direction with Karsten, going from accounts receivable to operations, which she loves.
    Being in operations basically means she does it all, like being directed to get involved in marketing and improving their web site. However, “I don’t consider myself a creative person at all,” she said. “Making a pretty picture is challenging.” Having said that, Landers also said, “I really like what they have me doing so far.”
    She’s also heavily tasked with working with a variety of associations and their projects, like golf tournaments. The bottom line is: When something comes up, they give it to Sarina. “Operations” is a very fluid term, apparently.
    When she is not handling operations for Karsten, the Landers family are big Houston Astros fans. She didn’t attend the victory parade but they did become season ticket holders last year and got to go to all the home playoff games. “It was so exciting to be a part of that season,” she said.
    Having the Astros win the World Series was great for the community, especially after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, Landers’ home wasn’t affected by the storm. She attributes this to being on a slightly higher elevation and not near any type of water to start with.
    She did, however, have to evacuate her own horse to Austin in order to get it to safety.
    Landers isn’t sure of where her role with the company will take her. She does know that she’s enjoying all the challenges that come from being operations, as well as it’s more fun than being in a courtroom as the defense attorney and saying Latin words like habeas corpus and ipso facto. 
    One has to wonder though: If being in operations gets too wild and crazy and doesn’t work out, is the rodeo ever an option? Hmm… -dsz

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