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Industry Folks - Michael Zarro, Double Oak Storm Tex

image Michael Zarro, Compliance Manager, Double Oak Storm Tex, Waller, TX

HOUSTON - New Jersey is where Mike is originally from. His Italian heritage comes out in the kitchen. Even though he mostly likes to grill, he still likes to make Italian food, and eggplant with chicken parmesan is his favorite recipe.






    Mike is a loving husband and father. His wife’s name is Melody and they have four children, three boys and one girl. The oldest is in Missouri; they have a 9-year-old; and their fraternal twins are 2 years old. 

    The family has not pets and Mike says they are going to keep it that way for a while.

    Mike enjoys spending time with his family. On his free time he plays baseball with his 9-year-old son. They’ve attended Astros’ games together and since his son has grown up as an Astros fan he adds, “Not a lot of people get a chance to see their professional team win a championship.” Let’s see what can happen this year.

    Here’s a fun fact about Mike. He is a collector of bobble heads. “I have about 43 of them, mostly pop culture, presidents, Looney Tunes and other television show characters.” He doesn’t have any sports figures “yet.” When in doubt, bobble it out.

    Mike also shares that he found himself in the health and fitness industry before the construction industry.
    Today he works in both. He’s still a personal trainer and trains his clients early in the mornings before work. He also trains his clients on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

    In fact, Brad Flack, president of Double Oak Storm Tex, and Mike were friends long before working together. “He was coming to the boot camp I was hosting and he said he needed someone to manage the inspectors.” Mike evidently said, “Sure.” At first he had started with a part time role, but now has transitioned to a full time position.

    Mike is happy with his role in the company and finds the work interesting. Part of it is because you never know what you are going to find. –lv

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