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Industry Folks - Dakota Kelly, New Balance A/C

image Dakota Kelly, Maintenance Technician, New Balance A/C, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - For Dakota Kelly, it’s not necessarily the name or type of job that counts; it’s how much good that job can do for other people.







    “I want to be of the greatest possible service I can be,” the Houston native said.
    For now, helping people means that he leads the service maintenance department in the family’s air conditioning company.
    The road to this position took Kelly from Houston to Denton, then back to Houston.
    Going along with the prevailing viewpoint that says one has to go to college in order to be successful, Kelly enrolled at the University of North Texas as a music major. But after just two months, he found out it wasn’t for him.
    For one thing, his instrument was the dulcimer, which he had bought at the Texas Renaissance Fair. Unfortunately, the school didn’t have a program for it.
    So home he came.
    While Dakota is agreeable to one day taking over the family business, he is open to whatever divine providence has for him. “God puts you where He needs you,” he said.
    One place the Lord has him at is serving his local church as a member of the security team that rotate a night per week at the church in order to make sure things stay nice and ship-shape. That’s a “good healthy thing to do.”
    When he’s not volunteering at church, Dakota loves to ride his “hilariously slow” vintage Yamaha XV 250. This motorcycle has been in the family for years, but lately has not been ridden. Dakota recently refurbished it and now enjoys the open road. While he’s not sure what his dream bike would be, it definitely would be something faster.
    Even though working on AC units is rewarding in and of itself, playing his dulcimer wouldn’t be a bad gig. “I’m a performer and I love being on stage,” Dakota said.
    And, while Hurricane Harvey was “a terrible tragedy,” Dakota and others from the company have used their skills to aid people affected by the storm. Living right there put them directly on the spot. Fortunately, no one from the company was adversely impacted by the hurricane. Harvey “brought the construction industry as a whole a lot of work,” he added.
    For now, Dakota is in the AC business. But the plans could change down the road. “I want to do the most I possibly can for other people,” he said.
    Maybe even give someone a ride on a slow Yamaha. -dsz

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