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Industry Folks - Lizeth Hernandez, Vossler Plumbing Company

image Lizeth Hernandez, Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Vossler Plumbing Company

HOUSTON - As office manager and bookkeeper, Lizeth Hernandez helps to keep the day-to-day tasks in order at Vossler Plumbing Company.







    Hernandez started working for the company in 2017 and already has a memorable story she was involved with.
    “We got a phone call from a customer who we helped when the Herman Lofts were being built downtown many years ago. They wanted us to take a look at their plumbing lines before doing renovations. When I told my boss, Gary Vossler, about the project, I said it was a ‘blast from the past’ not knowing that phrase would be right on the money! It turns out that when my boss worked on that project all those years ago, they accidentally dug up an old, but still live, canon ball.”
      Not only does Hernandez have great stories from work, she’s got a great story in her personal life. “I am engaged! We will be getting married  May 2018.”
    She has a son who is 8 years old and her fiancé has a son who is 9 years old. Hernandez and her future husband have a one-year-old together.
    When she isn’t working, she sings in the church choir at 2nd Baptist Church and leads the worship group at a Spanish church called Iglesia Biblica La Paz. She also enjoys working out at the gym, which allows her to eat all the tacos she wants.
    She’s an animal lover and has two cats named Alfred and Quinn. “My favorite superhero is Batman so I named them after characters from the comic books.”
    “I would have to say my special talent is my ability to bring people together and help them have a good time.” With her bubbly and genuine personality, it’s easy to see why people feel so at ease with her. - te

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