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Industry Folks - Ann Marie Hartwell, Arrow Services Inc.

image Ann Marie Hartwell, Project manager and estimator Arrow Services Inc.

HOUSTON - Ann Marie Hartwell, project manager and estimator for total demolitions, started working for Arrow Services Inc. at the end of August this year, but has been in the industry for 14 years. She says the company is a perfect fit for her because she has known, and even worked with, most of the other employees for years. “I love working here because everyone feels like family and there is almost no turnover.”




    Hartwell’s job is to bring in total demolition projects for everything from houses to large commercial buildings. She is in the process of growing the demolition sector for the company. 

    She is the only woman in her position in the Houston area. She started out working part-time in an office for a demolition company. She learned to read the blueprints and gained enough knowledge to answer questions from clients. She started getting sent to potential job sites to measure out the houses and learned how to bid for projects, which eventually led to her bidding on large commercial projects.

    “When I first started, I would go to the bid meetings, and the guys were looking around asking ‘Who brought their secretary?’” She still gets weird looks when she goes to the jobsites, and many of the men think she is with the Health Department.

    “Most of the guys who work for other companies are really nice to me now, even though we are all bidding for the same job.” They share a great camaraderie and have lunch together often and even look out for her if there is a jobsite that is in a bad area of town. “I’ve managed to remain competitive, but also cultivate a relationship with them.”

    The employees enjoy attending sporting events together and they support the Captain Renaud Foundation and local children’s sports teams.

    Arrow Services, Inc. is an abatement and demolition contractor in Houston. - te

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