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Industry Folks - Nabil Ghannam, Raba Kistner

image Nabil Ghannam, Field and Laboratory Supervisor, Raba Kistner

HOUSTON - Many people will tell you that Nabil Ghannam is a fun-loving guy with a kind heart. He feels this way because he loves his job and the people he gets to work with.






    Ghannam is a Field and Laboratory Supervisor and is also involved in construction materials testing for Raba Kistner in Houston. He has been in this field of work for over 13 years and enjoys “working with people, but more so being able to mentor and assist people toward their goals.” He never wants to stop learning at work, either. “I like being able to gain more knowledge in the field, lab, and office. This helps in creating excellent results for clients.”

    He was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. After finishing high school there, he moved to Houston by himself. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Civil Engineering. His mentor, Martin Villa, office leader and senior vice President at Raba Kistner, has taught Ghannam a lot and he wants to continue to learn and follow in Villa’s footsteps. He has a NICET III certification in concrete and soils, an Asphalt II certification, and he is TxDOT Certified.

    He considers his office a home away from home. “It’s Home Sweet Home for me and I love to work with my employees in the office, field, and lab.”

    When he is at his real home, he loves spending time with his family which includes his wife of 12 years and four children – Mohammed, 10; Maya, 6; Abdallah, 4; and Nadeen, 2. He travels a lot, having visited Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, California, Ohio, New York, and Washington, DC. His most memorable trip was the one he took last year with his wife and children; they went on a cruise to Mexico for five days. Every two years, the family travels to Jordan in the summer. He also enjoys watching soccer, he’s a Barcelona fan. “Soccer is a well-known game in Jordan. We grow up watching and playing the game. I played with my friends almost every day after school in the nearby fields.”

    Ghannam is “a standard bearer for the office with great moral, high standards, and a real leader,” according to one of his colleagues. - te

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