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Industry Folks - Shawna Sletmoe, United Site Services

image Shawna Sletmoe, Sales Administrator, United Site Services

HOUSTON - With the position of Sales Administrator, an employee has to talk to many different people every day, and that’s what Shawna Sletmoe likes most about her job at United Site Services. With her bubbly personality and joy for life, people enjoy talking to her, too.




    She has been working in the sanitation industry since 2016 and caught a lucky break from her friend who was already working at United Site Services. “I got laid off at the job I had at the time and my friend said she wanted to hire me, so here I am.”
    Sletmoe grew up in Houston, but has lived in other states. “I lived in California for a little bit and I just moved back from Arizona. I lived there for 16 years and that’s where I got into this business. Then I moved to Cleveland, Texas, then to Austin for a year, and then moved back to Houston.”
    Her favorite place to live was Austin because she enjoyed the people and all the fun activities there.
    Sletmoe likes to relax when she’s not working. “I like to sit at home and read, or watch TV, or go to movies. I also like country and classic rock concerts.”
    She loves watching movies – romantic comedies and action films are her favorite. If she could be in a movie with any celebrity, she would choose The Rock. “One where he would be picking me up,” she giggles. Her favorite movies with The Rock are Baywatch and Central Intelligence. She admits that she really likes them all, though.
    Her 28-year-old son lives in Livingston, but she isn’t lonely. “I have two dogs and they are both pit bull mixes. The male is Monster and he’s 5, and the girl is Eppie and she’s 6.”
    Sletmoe truly is a people-person and, with her laid-back disposition, she’s easy to talk to. Maybe one day, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will have the pleasure of working with her. - te

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