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Coasting towards success

image Employees at Coast Graphics & Signs, Inc. are treated like family

HOUSTON - A company that was established in 1980 by a grandfather has been handed down generation to generation, and Jake Siegrist will be the third generation of owners at Coast Graphics & Signs, Inc.






    Although the company is 34 years old, Siegrist’s father and he have made sure to change with the times. “We’ve been moving from doing non-illuminated signs to full-blown rotating mechanical signs,” he shares.
    Way before there were even illuminated signs, his grandfather was painting signs by hand. “My grandfather hand-painted signs in California when he got out of the military. My dad picked up the trade from him, and then one of my uncles and he moved to Houston and started the company.”
    Siegrist admits that art is in their genes and he must have the artist gene as well because he can’t seem to keep away from this busines Save & return to list s. “I’ve had different jobs, but I always come back. I’ve been back for eight years now.”
    While he admits that working with family can be difficult at times, he wouldn’t want it any other way. “The industry is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. My dad enjoyed it because of that, too,” says Siegrist.
    The company gets involved in some charity work and fundraising when they can. They donated all of Rosharon Fire Department’s signs and when the fire department has their annual fundraiser, they make sure to take part in that. They also donated the sign for Citizens for Animal Protection (CAPs) in Houston and have volunteered in other ways for them, too.
    The company is one big family, and the employees are treated as such. “We have people who work for the company who aren’t family, but have been there for years so they may as well be.”
    Coast Graphics & Signs, Inc. designs, manufactures, and installs signs for companies. – te

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