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Industry Folks - Pat Rothman, Metal Building Supply

image Pat Rothman, Tool Technician

HOUSTON - To start the day at Metal Building Supply (MBS), Pat Rothman and another employee open the store and wait for everyone else to arrive. After that, Rothman sets to work in his own little building. He picks up the tools that need fixing, which is pretty much everything. “Battery tools, all the electric tools, and some generators, air compressors, trash pumps, and basic construction tools.” In other words, if it’s broken, he can probably fix it.

    Before becoming a tool technician, he worked in a printing press, but when home computers and printers became popular, there wasn’t much need for his position. He turned to construction and taught himself most of what he knows. He worked for MBS for three years, came back to MBS, and has had six successful years since. 
    Rothman says the best things about his job are “how lax it is and the challenge. They’ll bring something in I’ve never seen before and I have to try and figure out what’s wrong with it, and then try to find parts for it. A lot of times, I find out the parts aren’t available because the tool is over 10 years old.”
    Rothman has his own building and says he likes working out there alone. “All my jobs have been where I’m off by myself, so it works out.” Upon entering, it’s a little overwhelming with the amount of parts that are stored away, but Rothman says every time there’s a part he needs and doesn’t have, he orders more to keep in stock for next time. Although there are shelves and shelves stocked full, “I know were everything is.” That’s all that matters, right?
    When he’s not repairing tools, he likes to fish in fresh and saltwater as well as bird hunt. “I liked to duck hunt when I was younger, but it’s too much work now. It’s easier for me to go in my backyard and shoot dove.”
    Born in El Paso and raised in Alief, Rothman is a Texan through and through. He loves this great state and is the proud owner of an acre of land in Needville and says one of his hobbies is maintaining that land.
    He’s got a heart for dogs and owns “two and half.” The “half” being one that is not quite his. The big one is a pit bull and Rothman describes him as “the nicest dog in the world.” He also owns a Dachshund and the other one, which he is about to have, is a small mutt and according to him, “those are the best kind.”
    It’s easy to tell that Rothman enjoys what he does and that he loves the challenge of receiving a new tool and discovering how to fix it on his own. - te



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