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Industry Folks - Tommy Lee, W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation

image Tommy Lee, Vice President of Safety, W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation

HOUSTON - Tommy Lee has been in the safety industry for almost four decades with W.S. Bellows Construction Corpo-ration and saw his work rewarded with one of the highest awards he and the company can receive.





    Lee, a Houston native, is the Vice President of Safety at Bellows, which was named the nation’s safest con-struction company by the Associated General Contractors of America.
    “To me, it’s the highest award that you can receive,” Lee said. “In each of the 21 divisions, they select first, second, and third place winners. Then out of all the first place winners from all 21 divisions, they select the best of the best in the nation. It means a lot to us. It’s probably the most prestigious recognition you can get.”
    Lee attended the University of Houston where he was introduced to the industry.
    “I was working in a chemical plant and there was a mishap,” Lee said. “I was part of the investigation, and a gentleman walked up and started talking to me because I was pretty in tune with the situation. He got me on a safety committee. That led me to the University of Houston where I enrolled in industrial technology courses with a specialization in safety.”
    Lee is a big Houston Cougar foot-ball fan and enjoys spending time with his grandkids.
    “I play golf and have six grandkids whom I enjoy. I love sports and being active,” he said.
    “Houston was a great commuter school for my wife and me. I actually worked and went to college at the same time.”
    Lee has been with Bellows since 1981 and enjoys the culture throughout the company.
    “I enjoy the family business, the support and working with the field personnel,” he said. “I like getting to know them. They trust you and you train them. You get to see your efforts come full circle which is so rewarding to me.”
    While he may have a new award on his shelf, Lee has big goals heading forward.
    “I don’t think our work in safety is ever done. You can win awards and be on top of the world but anything can happen at a moment’s notice,” he said. “My ultimate goal is to have no accidents - not just at Bellows, but in the industry. Some of the workers might rotate through other construction companies, but if I can properly train them and prevent them from being injured on any job for any company, then I feel that I’ve done my job.”–cs

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