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Industry Folks – Brenda Jimenez, Office Manager, Johnston LLC


HOUSTON – Johnston LLC office manager Brenda Jimenez was recently selected as the Houston Chapter president of Society for Design Administration.

    She worked for 15 years at Gensler before making the switch to Johnston, where the company keeps it fun for its employees year round.
    “We’re a good group. We’re a diverse group,” Jimenez said. “We have a beautiful work space. We like to have fun. We have a ping-pong table and a two-story staircase and we had a paper airplane contest because the engineers know how to make their planes go the farthest. We had ugly sweater day and cancer awareness days where everyone wears pink.”
    Outside of the office, Jimenez enjoys spending time with family and volunteering.
    “I do caregiving to the elderly and volunteering at the church,’ she said. “I housesit dogs for my friends when they are out of town.”
    The Houston native has work to do to make sure the SDA remains open and active in the community.
    “The Houston Chapter currently doesn’t have a lot of participation, so it’s going to keep the chapter going for another year,” Jimenez said. “It’s important that I try to grow this membership because it’s going to die if I don’t.
    “It’s networking, making people aware of SDA offers, which are education, marketing, accounting and administrative for architectural, engineering and construction industry.”
    The SDA offers InDesign training, classes on how to do contracts in the industry and other services. Jimenez is still putting her plan together to help the organization succeed.
    “Right now, I don’t because the board is going to meet in two weeks and we’re going to hash out a plan,” she said. “I think I want to do a postcard that we can mail out to all the firms to start out. Then try to find events that we can market ourselves at so we can recruit some members. The Dallas chapter is strong and so is the organization nationwide. For some reason, in Houston, it’s not growing. Right now we don’t have a whole lot of members that are active.” –cs

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