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Focus - Painting with guidance

image Johnny Perry, Owner, HIS Professional Painting, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - Johnny Perry has always had a passion for painting. “I realized my calling after God sent me to help out a church whose pastor was out of town,” says Perry. While visiting the parish, he painted the church giving new life to parish facility.






    Perry has been painting for over 20 years and started his own business in 2016. According to Perry, as an active pastor, not only does he paint, but he anoints his projects with God’s blessings.

What is the most significant challenge your industry faces? Labor shortage? Cost increases? Other?
    There are many factors and challenges we face in this industry, but some of the most significant includes labor shortage and cost increases.
    Labor shortage is a major challenge because it does take a certain skill set to do this work. It’s hard to find loyal and skilled workers.
    Cost increases are also a challenge. We are affected by fuel costs, insurance premiums, materials and labor increase. Unfortunately, customers are not aware of these factors, and we lose money in the end.

How has your industry changed over the past five years?
    The changes in our industry happened due to the advancement in paint products. For example, we have reflective paints that are used to reduce heat. Another example are aerial painting drones which can be used to save time and money.

What is your workload like now compared to years past?
     Our workload compared to the last five years has definitely increased. We have extended our reach into the commercial and industrial side, so when the work comes in, it’s more of a larger scale with more demanding deadlines.

Has your industry become more competitive with the recent Texas population explosion? How has it affected your business?
    Yes, the industry has become more competitive because Houston is a largely populated area and there is plenty of work to go around, bringing more companies and homes into the area.

What is on the horizon for your industry?

    In my opinion, our industry will see more products directed to DIY projects, encouraging everyone to have the ability to paint like a Pro.

Has the “Going Green” push affected your industry? How?
    The “going green” push has influenced our industry but in a positive way. The new lifestyle of going green is awesome, it simply means “reduce, reuse and recycle.” It helps bring awareness to our earth and I’m all for that.

What is the most rewarding aspect of our business/trade?
    The most rewarding aspect of my business/trade is knowing that I was chosen to bring forth my customers’ vision.
    HIS Professional Painting is a full-service painting contractor. – cmw

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