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Focus - Hire smart

image Cesar Ramirez, Sales Manager, Precision Power Solutions, Houston, TX

HOUSTON - As an established electrical contractor in Houston, TX, Precision Power Solutions has built its reputation from the company’s name sake – the quality, condition or fact of being exact and accurate. They have become efficient in working around a client’s current setup to complete projects to the client’s full satisfaction.




    Precision has survived the ups and downs of an ever-changing economy and believes the current state of the construction industry is strong with a climbing demand for qualified electrical contractors. They have experienced an increase in business due to large infrastructure projects and the strong Texas economy.
    “Getting younger talent into the electrical trade is the “hot button” issue of the electrical industry,” says Cesar Ramirez. “On a different note, educating customers on the value of a DOL program to educate electricians versus field only electricians is the most significant challenge the electrical industry is facing.”
    As a result, qualified journeymen know their value, as do the owners of companies, resulting in higher costs in payroll. “Our highest cost is in payroll,” adds Ramirez.
    Hybridization of low voltage technicians and electricians is on the horizon for the electrical industry. And the 2020 code is around the corner. “I’ve been hearing the 2020 code is going to shake things up.”
    Through it all, Ramirez believes the key to being successful is to hire smart, dedicated, hardworking and educated individuals. “Our employees are our biggest investment.” -cmw

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