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Restoring beauty

image Restored interior of Assumption Catholic Church

HOUSTON - Brandt Constructors & Facility Services has been serving the greater Houston area for 20 years. Continually building on their reputation to exceed the expectations of their clients, they continue to represent their company with efficiency, respect and high-quality workmanship according to Brandt Constructors founder, Jason Sparks.



    Certain projects come along that are not just “another project.”  For Brandt Constructors and the Sparks family, the interior restoration of Assumption Catholic Church was one of those projects.
    “My great grandparents Dominic and Lena Rizzo who were immigrant farmers from Sicily landed in Houston to work and raise a family.  Since that time, five generations of my family have attended this parish making Assumption Catholic Church a special place,” says Sparks.
    The main objective to this project was to restore a 71-year-old parish back to its original beauty. Project Manager Randy Dunn began the process of restoring the church back to its original beauty in June.  Two short months later, the parish had the luster and beauty it had at its birth.
    Sparks credits Father Albert Zanatta, Deacon Mario Ortega, Annabelle Silva,  Susan Braden, Roger Demny, Felipe Lopez and many others for working timelessly to make sure not only that this project was a success but to leave current and future parishioners a historical place to worship.
    Restoring the interior of the church weathered by seven decades and generations of parishioners worshiping and endlessly utilizing the facility required hundreds of man hours cleaning, painting and detailing the entire interior of the facility. Meticulous detail was taken to ensure that every inch of the interior was preserved to its original splendor.
    The mural depicting the assumption of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was refreshed and restored to its original grandeur, giving rise to the parish’s name sake.
    Cleaning and polishing the original Italian marble floor followed the 30-plus days of painting and detail work. The installation of custom pews and millwork completed the restoration process and returned Assumption Catholic Church back to its glory for generations to come.
    Brandt Constructors & Facility Services is a general contractor in Houston, TX. -cmw

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