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Building more than just medical

image Comeaux Dental patient examination room

HOUSTON - Epoch Construction Services is a family-owned and operated construction firm that focuses primarily on commercial construction services by applying their knowledge and experience to assist clients in achieving the client’s vision.



    The company was founded by Epoch’s president, David Esslinger, in 2006, a budget minded and goal-oriented person with previous construction knowledge and a heap of ambition. He found that by simply offering assistance for anything his clients insisted on needing, building on the company’s goal to be part of a team atmosphere, applying the team’s full capabilities to provide value, and do so efficiently.  
    “We found that by providing a service for every need we could build a company and provide great opportunity for growth.  Since that day I have been blessed to amass a team of bright, competent, capable, and extremely honest personnel. With an average annual year over year growth of over 20 percent, we are very happy with our capacity. Our core competencies grow stronger and stronger as the years go by,” says Esslinger.
    Specializing in private medical, light industrial and retail facilities, Epoch Construction provides design-build services, bid build and cost-plus services for ground up and interior projects from $10,000 to over $10 million dollars. This made Epoch the perfect choice for Dr. Ryan Comeaux, owner of Comeaux Dental for the construction of his new dental facility.
    Project Managers Robert Shull and Russell Siler, along with Superintendent Chase Dibbern oversaw the construction of the $500,000 dental facility designed by Twenty20 Studio LLC.
     This first-generation owner occupant dental facility was a design build. The owner wanted to encompass a vision of modern feel with clean lines, while also providing an effective patient flow with a feeling of open nature; all within a very cost and time efficient package.
    Commercial products like polished concrete floors, custom designed floating concrete countertops, Quartz counter tops, natural wood trims, brick veneer with schmeer, drywall, floor to ceiling curtain wall, concealed trim lights, shiplap accents, custom medical laminated millwork, sterilization centers, laboratory equipment, medical gases, medical vacuum systems, custom storage footlockers, open vaulted ceilings and custom onsite fabricated plumbing fixtures were used.
    To effectively obtain the clients vision and maintain the budget, Epoch was
required to invest countless hours of
finish selections during the project development stages, which would properly fit within the parameters of the facility.
    This project was unique to the Epoch team because they were required to put so many design essentials in such a confined space. Doing so rapidly left only a miniscule margin for error. As a result, the project has allowed Epoch also to build a  friendship  with the doctor.  Thus  when Dr. Ryan Comeaux decided to do an addition remodel to his firsts practice, the choice was easy.
    Epoch Construction Services is a full-service general contractor in Houston, TX. -cmw

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