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A gathering place for fellowship

image St. Arnolds Beer Garden

HOUSTON - Bob Betancourt has been in the construction industry his entire adult life, serving as vice president for a large general contractor in Houston running their special projects division. In 2001, Betancourt started Zenith Construction and has been going strong ever since, specializing, primarily in the private commercial sector.




    Many of Zenith’s clientele come from established relationships and word of mouth. Ninety percent of their projects are negotiated and repeat business, saying a lot about Zenith.
    Named after the patron saint of brewing, Saint Arnulf of Metz, St. Arnold Brewing Company was founded by Brock Wagner in 1994. For many years, he had a vision of creating a place for Houstonians to gather.    
    St. Arnold Beer Garden, nestled next door to the brewery is Wagner’s dream come true. The 24,500-sf structure, which includes a restaurant, beer garden and art car display area, was completed in 10 months at a cost of $3.6 million.
    St. Arnold Beer Garden is a pre-engineered metal building with an interior restaurant and exterior beer garden.  The interior is designed to resemble a church with features like dining nooks nicknamed “chapels”, groin vaulted ceilings, exposed wood trusses, stained concrete, round stained-glass windows and painted murals in each of the dining nooks by individual local artists.
    The facility’s exterior is comprised of a wood deck, corrugated metal panels, gravel walks, an Art Car display area, a fountain in the shape of a brew kettle ordained with beautiful lighting and landscaping. Adding to the project’s overall uniqueness is the fact that the exterior beer garden was purposely left unfinished to look like a disintegrating building as it faces the downtown skyline.
    The construction team worked well together, and was made up of the owner, Natalye Appel + Associates Architects, Project Manager Joey Newman, Project Superintendent Paul Rainer and various consultants. Everyone was focused on the common goal of completing the facility on time and utilizing the best materials and design that fit in the owner’s budget.  The beer garden now offers a festive facility for patrons to gather.
    “The project has been very successful. Everyone that I have talked to who has been to the beer garden raves about it,” says Betancourt.
    Zenith Construction is a full-service general contractor in Houston, TX. -cmw

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