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Beauty and ambiance

image Egrets Landing, 16554 Creekbend Drive

HOUSTON - In 2011, Irfan Abji and Alejandra Cobas-Abji acquired E Contractors, priding itself on service and truly exceptional construction projects when it comes to serving clients and the level of responsibility on each project.





    It has assisted school districts in saving thousands of dollars by understanding the project in whole, knowing what can be value engineered and what cannot, never taking quality control compromises to cut budgets. With so much business in the public sector, E Contractors is always cognizant that it’s not just the client’s money they are spending, but it is also the public’s money.
    Leveraging more than a century in professional experience in construction management to in-depth project management, E Contractors was an ideal fit for the construction of Egrets Landing, a Class A office building in Sugarland, TX.
    Located in the Lake Pointe of Highway 6 and U.S. 59, Egrets Landing offers spectacular views of Brooks Lake. The new two-story office building with a modern exterior and steel construction has been completed after fifteen months of tedious planning and construction.
    The 22,000sf office building was comprised of red-iron steel structural framing, masonry brick exterior with wood fascia trims on the exterior and interior for finishing touches. Exquisite upscale materials and finishes encompass the two-story atrium and restrooms. Porcelain stone tile adorn walls and floors within the facility and are complimented with decorative chandeliers.
    The challenges faced by the E Contractors team was meeting requests to continuously seek ways to improve the design and concept that would bring the building to truly meet their expectations. Doing so resulted in major design changes and expected overhauls of fine construction. “Quality service will always be our focus,” says Irfan Abji.
    Project Manager Joseph Roemen and Project Superintendent Enrique Escamilla maintained open lines of communications with the client’s requests to ensure changes were met above their client’s expectations throughout the construction process.
    “The end goal was to create an unrivaled building compared to those on the market,” says Willyann Paz, Subcontractor Relationship Manager. Focusing on building sustainable relationships, while working together, with all parties involved ensures that everyone sees benefit - quality and a timely product for the client; a work environment that is safe for workers; bottom line enhancement for subcontractors; and success for everyone involved. “This win-win-win attitude is so transformative that it propels hyper growth for everyone,” adds Abji.
    The beauty and ambiance of Egrets Landing called to E Contractors, who now occupy and are leasing the building full-time.
    E Contractors is a full-service general contractor located in Houston, TX. -cmw

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